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My name is Katlyn Sigmon + I'm the founder of August Mamas, a clothing brand and lifestyle blog. The shirts I design knit together the art of hand-lettering with sustainable materials and are created with mamas + kids in mind. While designing clothing is a creative outlet for me, I also want to write about the things that captivate my heart. My goal: to connect with you on a deeper level and to provide value to you as a mama striving to live life more abundantly. On the blog, you will find posts about motherhood and all it's messy moments, home decor and DIY projects, methods to living a more eco-friendly life, fashion and FREE printables (because everyone loves a good freebie)!

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About the Maker's Hand Lettering Story

I left my job in the furniture world after discovering a love for hand-lettering + the desire to run my own business. After selling fiber art + hand-lettered signs for a few years, I decided to travel down a different avenue + use clothing as my canvas instead of reclaimed wood. At the same time, I was reading bookoos of articles about the things humans are using that are harming our beautiful mama earth. How could my business support the earth + its diverse ecosystems while also providing a valuable product?

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more than just another shirt shop.

Many of you are choosing organic produce + other foods when available because you are aware of the negative effects pesticides can have on your health. But did you know that cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops grown around the world? Those chemicals come in direct contact with our skin, which is the largest organ of our body - anything we put on it goes in it. That's why all of August Mamas' shirts are made using only organic or naturally derived materials that are made in the USA. No pesticides are used + therefore farmers are not being harmed, birds are not being unintentionally killed + the run-off water is not poisoning lakes, rivers + the ecosystems within. The inks in the hand-lettered designs are all water-based + eco-friendly. Who says we all can't win?

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what's in a name? everything.

 august (adj.): inspiring reverence or admiration; respected + dignified

While starting this business, my husband and I struggled with infertility. We began trying to conceive in the summer of 2017, but things did not go as planned. After 18 months, we finally had a positive pregnancy test, but we found out the baby wasn't going to make it that same week. To go from feeling the greatest joy of my life to the deepest sorrow crushed me. It didn't seem fair; why would God take that child from us, who we had been waiting so long for, when we were ready and willing to be parents? We chose to name this baby Skylar Dillon -- Skylar, meaning "of heaven," and Dillon, meaning "ray of hope." We clung to this glimmer of hope even amidst our loss, because it meant that we were able to conceive and that it could happen again.

I was grateful for the changes that came after our miscarriage. We sold our house and began renovating another, while living in a friend's guest house on the lake. I needed this quiet retreat to heal and build back up my faith and trust in my Father. Our family and church community surrounded us with love and support, with one friend writing me an encouraging letter each week. I could not have gotten through without these people. I still cannot answer that question of why God took Skylar to heaven, and I won’t fully understand until I get there. But I do know that those months led me to relinquish control and trust in His perfect plan, because it is better than what I could envision for myself. 

After 11 months of prayer, a few more negative tests, and lots of infertility research, those two lines finally appeared. We were pregnant. Those first few weeks were agonizing, as those who have miscarried understand. The fear that all of this could come tumbling down again. The wait to see if my hCG levels were doubling like they didn’t the first time. But they did, and now we are almost to the birth of our daughter in just a few weeks. My Father turned ashes into beauty and we rejoice in this little sunshine, our rainbow babe after the storm.

You will find the Skylar Rainbow Collection in the shop tab – these are tees and onesies I made after we lost Skylar, in an attempt to find meaning and create something of beauty from my grief. My prayer is that these little rainbows provide a glimmer of hope to those mamas who have babies in heaven or who are still in the waiting, and to those who are welcoming a rainbow of their own into the world.

August Mamas is about lifting up + celebrating the world's mothers because they will always be the foundation for the next generation, all the while providing sustainable clothing that honors mama earth so you can keep raising little lights.

Thanks for lingering on my little corner of the internet to read more about me and for considering purchasing from August Mamas!


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the designs on our apparel are all hand-lettered on quality materials made to last

at our core, august mamas is devoted to creating clothing with a minimal environmental impact that is also healthy for humans

created with mamas in mind so you can worry less about the right clothes for your kids + more on living your best mom life

random fun facts about the maker

-my hubby + I live in Hickory, NC with our sweet but mischievous dog, Huckleberry Finn

-I love to travel + the beautiful places I've been inspired me to create a business that honors that beauty

-give me a book + a beach + I'm one happy girl

-thrifting gives me life + I'm quite proud of the deals I can find - treasure hunting at its finest

-I go ga-ga over shrimp tempura sushi, jungalicious plants + a cool piece of driftwood

-I love to host gatherings in our home, change up my decor on the reg, and add character through DIY projects

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