But Still Like Air I'll Rise

June 05, 2020

But Still Like Air I'll Rise free art printable

2020 has been a year none of us saw coming. From a worldwide pandemic to now the cries of social injustice finally falling on ears ready to listen and hearts eager to change. This has been a week in our nation that I hope will precipitate a transformation in our culture that holds love, peace and diversity in the highest esteem. White men and women are beginning to grasp the struggles our black brothers and sisters have endured for years. Thousands are acknowledging that before real change can happen in our world, it must start in our homes, the foundation that sets every child on a path, whether that be good or bad. 

Our world is broken and hearts are hurting. Now is the time to mourn with those who are mourning, to bear one another's burdens, to be the hands and feet of Jesus because if He was physically present, He would be fighting for His children. I acknowledge that I have a lot of progress to make, we ALL have progress to make, in coming together as a people who sets aside our differences and loves one another fiercely. It is only in Christ that barriers are broken, hearts are healed, and lasting change is made.

To honor the voices of our black brothers and sisters, this week's print was inspired by a poem written by Maya Angelou. My prayer is that we ALL come together -- black, white, brown, every color under the sun, as a people who sets aside our differences and loves one another fiercely. 

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